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Angelas Bodybuilding transformation

Angela and Gene are high school sweethearts and have been together for 28 years. They are best friends and have a chocolate lab named Sienna. Their birthdays are 6 days apart and share a common passion for health & fitness. They both found their fitness passion through their own personal struggle and journey to find health. Both Angela and Gene were in a place in their lives where they were not in optimal health. Together, they made a joint decision that they were going to get fit and get into shape in order to be healthy for one another.

After Angela achieved her personal weight loss goals and realized that there are so many others out there that she can inspire to get healthy, she knew that she found her new passion. She received her Group Fitness Instructor Certification in 2010, then went on to get her Personal Training Certification and Sports Nutrition Certification in 2011. She has since updated these certificates in 2015 and became a Master Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.

Gene has been a licensed Nurse since 2004. He has worked in the prison system health facilities for many years. He has also provided care in the men’s wellness field and has most recently been assisting with the effort in fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic on the front lines. Gene is also a United States Air Force Veteran. He was enlisted from 1991-1997 and served in the Gulf War as well as two Operations – Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Both Angela and Gene took their Fitness journey to the ultimate levels and competed in Bodybuilding competitions. Gene won his first show placing 1st in Men’s Novice over 35 and Angela went on to compete in three competitions placing Top 3 and Top 5 in four different competitions.

Angela’s journey to health has also given her a newfound passion for cooking! She loves to cook fresh and healthy meals using all organic and fresh ingredients. She looks at food as an art and enjoys piecing each meal together with all of the colors of the different fresh vegetables! She can make any healthy meal look like a work of art that you cannot resist eating! Be on the lookout for a Fitness Suite Health Edition Recipe Book Soon!!