Personal Training

Our team of certified personal trainers are here to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals!

We train each client on individual programs designed to meet their personal goals. We focus on results driven exercises while practicing proper form and safety protocols.

We also offer nutritional guidance and coaching to provide clients with education on their journey to a healthy lifestyle of clean eating.



Contact us today to get started on your fit lifestyle!


Angela Hodge Personal Trainer

Angela Hodge

After Angela achieved her personal weight loss goals and realized that there are so many others out there that she can inspire to get healthy, she knew that she found her new passion. She received her Group Fitness Instructor Certification in 2010, then went on to get her Personal Training Certification and Sports Nutrition Certification in 2011. She has since updated these certificates in 2015 and became a Master Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.
Sculpted by Sydney

Sculpted by Sydney

My name is Sydney. I have been a trainer for 5 years. Personal training brings me a lot of joy. One of my favorite things to witness is the growth of my clients. My focus is to show others how to enjoy fitness and welcome each step of their journey. Together we can accomplish greatness. Please click on my booking link below to schedule with me.
Bishop Athletics

Bishop Athletics

My name is Barrington Bishop, also known as Coach B. I’m a certified personal trainer, boxing fitness instructor, and nutrition coach. I’ve been in the industry since 2017, helping people stay healthy, fit and reach their goals I took on my first client 4 years ago and helped her lose over 60lbs and develop better athleticism. Since then I’ve worked with athletes in every sport from baseball to football. I’ve worked with children as young as 5, and adults as old as 65. If you’re interested in booking a session with me at the suite, please email by clicking below or call 772-341-0423. View my Instagram

Weight Loss

We understand that every client has different fitness and health goals. Achieve your weight loss goals by having a custom workout plan designed for your body type and fitness level.



Gain strength by challenging your muscle groups and changing up your workout routine. Our personal trainers will create a plan for you that will consistently challenge your body to gain strength and muscle development. 


Maximize your endurance and cardiovascular health by incorporating key cardio elements into your training program! Maximize your training and results without spending hours in the gym.